Regn No 1193/98, Poovachal,Thiruvananthapuram

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Today Padiyanoor Chamundi Amma rules over the hearts and minds of her devotees in the land of Poovachal from her divine abode bringing to fruition all their wishes, hopes and aspirations. She stands as a beacon of power, protection and divinity in this Kaliyuga for her followers. Story of this temple dates back to four generations of the Padiyanoor family who are key members of the current trust. The family was facing threat of lineage extinction due to lack of girl children. The Patriarch of the family prayed to the family Goddess that he would bring her from the abode in Kariam kode to Poovachal and build a temple and conduct regular poojas. Soon his wish was fulfilled and true to his word the patriarch brought Devi to Poovachal. The Devi soon became the divine guardian and goddess not only for the family but for the whole hamlet of Poovachal. The succeeding generations could not keep up the legacy and the family relapsed into a state of various troubles including a great fire accident in which the temple miraculously remained unharmed. After this incident the then Patriarch of the family Shri Poovachal Shankaran Nair worked towards rebuilding the temple in an organized manner with a vision. His succeeding generations have carried forward this vision to establish a full-fledged divine abode for Padiyanoor Chamundi Devi. For the last two decades Devi has ruled as Shantaswaroopini to fulfill the wishes of her children and to protect them from all evil. Scores of devotees throng the abode especially those wishing for a child or a job. Padiyanoor Amma showers her blessings on all.

Morning 5:00 AM Till 08:00 PM. The temple is open on all Sundays, Tuesdays, Fridays, 1st of all Malayalam months
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Regn No 1193/98, Poovachal,Thiruvananthapuram, 9495551420,9656764166,,
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